Fixing Frankie

Book and Lyrics by Joe Langworth
Music by Steve Marzullo

Joe Langworth and Steve Marzullo with the cast and crew of  Fixing Frankie

Joe Langworth and Steve Marzullo with the cast and crew of Fixing Frankie

First-born son Frankie Scordato wrestles with sexuality, Catholicism, aspirations and the meaning of love in all its forms, in the midst of a chaotic and often misguided Italian-American family. Together with his gregarious best friend Margaret, the duo searches for community in the hedonistic 1980s of New York City and Frankie finds himself part of an evolving gay culture without an understanding of what it ultimately means for him.

The eclectic score reflects Frankie's musical influences ranging from "The Partridge Family" to the Sugar Hill Gang to Sinead O'Connor, and we witness his journey from a charming five-year-old boy in 1971 to a middle-aged man still seeking genuine commitment and self-acceptance.


MAC produced a workshop reading on March 25, 2016 in NYC.

Cast: Sean Ewing (Amazing Grace), Felicia Finley (Mamma Mia!), Robert Montano (Kiss of the Spider Woman), George Psomas (Fiddler on the Roof), Laura Pavles (MAC Award Nominee), Christine Pedi (Chicago), Joseph Siravo (The People v. O.J. Simpson), and with Mike Croiter on percussion.

from the creators

Joe Langworth

Joe Langworth

Steve Marzullo

Steve Marzullo

Joe Langworth (book and lyrics) and Steve Marzullo (music) met during the original production of Ragtime in 1996 and have worked together on a range of projects since then. They co-conceived this new musical comedy, and it is their first full-length collaboration.



"When we first talked about writing together, we were drawn to what we have in common—our rich Italian-American culture and the hold it still has on us in middle-life. Oh, the lingering impressions of the Italian family! We (mostly) laughed our way through stories about the Catholicism that made us question ourselves in the 70s, the thrill of moving to New York City in the 80s, the incredible landscape of music that accompanied us through it all, and the terror we felt as gay men coming into our own during the AIDS crisis. That’s when we realized the story we wanted to tell—a musical comedy about a lovable but imperfect protagonist who makes up his own rules, gains and loses friends and lovers along the way, and ultimately survives to see remarkable change in the gay movement and the legalization of gay marriage. All of this as he finds himself alone in middle-life--not quite understanding the new rules and expectations that all this "progress" offers. Or if it's even what he truly wants after all."