New Organization Formed to Produce and Present Productions at Regional Theatres

PLAYBILL: Trish Santini, Peter Flynn, and Frank Butler have founded Mainspring Arts Cooperative (MAC), a not-for-profit organization that will produce and present productions that can tour regional theatres nationwide.

The company was created in response to the industry conversation “about preserving artistic scale while protecting financial sustainability, along with an increased dependence on co-productions and presentations,” according to a press release.

“Our goal is to bring productions to regional theatres that can be incorporated seamlessly into a subscription season or presented as a special event—and to always deliver artistic excellence and exceptional service. The theatres and arts leaders are our clients, so if we make them and their audiences happy, then we’ve done our job,” stated Butler. “We recognized that there was a need for an organization such as MAC, but there was not a model that offered a consistent infrastructure in service to the values of regional theaters. MAC will present tours that allow theatres to offer alternatives to their audiences that require fewer resources from their organizations, and therefore allow those resources (artistic, financial, staff) to be fully utilized in their own productions.”

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