Uncommon Sense heralded as "funny, tragic, important, and gorgeous..."

Photo of:  Jessica Almasy,   Photo Credits: Roland Ferrie & Kim Reed, GBPAC, 2017

Photo of:  Jessica Almasy, Photo Credits: Roland Ferrie & Kim Reed, GBPAC, 2017


CEDAR FALLS, IA -- "Uncommon Sense, an original play commissioned by Gallagher Bluedorn Performing Arts Center and the University of Northern Iowa and created and performed by Tectonic Theater Project of New York City, is an important play about people living on the autism spectrum. With a multi-level but simple set dressed mostly with light and projection, the play presented culled-from-life stories about daily struggles of real people we may not know live quietly among us."

Kimberly Groaning, newsroom@wcfcourier.com

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