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Philip Dallmann is an accessibility consultant and Manager of TDF Accessibility Programs. At TDF he is instrumental in the execution of TDF’s 60+ open captioned performances, 40+ audio described performances and 5 autism-friendly performances on and Off-Broadway each season. He is also key liaison for TDF’s national captioning and autism programs. In 2013 Philip created the autism-friendly restaurant partnerships, training restaurants in the theatre district to welcome patrons with autism on the day of TDF’s autism-friendly performances. Philip was also part of the team that developed and launched TheatreAccess.NYC, which is a one-stop shop for all of Broadway’s accessibility information. In 2015 Philip piloted integrating volunteers on the spectrum into TDF’s autism-friendly performances, which creates more opportunities to exercise social and job skills for the autism community. In 2017 he was part of the team that presented the first accessibility symposium for nonprofit theatres in NYC. Philip has presented across the country on a variety of accessibility topics including volunteer training/recruitment, the evolution of sensory-friendly programming, how to handle the unexpected in access, and more. Recently, Philip partnered with Broadway Dance Center and ALMA NYC for New York’s first sensory friendly dance party. He continues to write on all accessibility topics at his access blog www.philipdallmann.com. Philip Dallmann received a BA in Theatre from George Mason University and an MS in Autism Access from Penn State University.

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