MAC nurtures bold productions through its groundbreaking tour model, establishing partnerships with regional nonprofit theaters across the nation to support diverse programming and financial sustainability in American Theater.

    What We Do

    MAC looks for exceptional productions and adventurous new works-in-development. We seek out shows that would be challenging for most regional theaters to produce on their own, from the ground up, and partner to launch national tours with non-profit theaters.  

    MAC projects are:

    • plays requiring larger casts, diverse casts, or casts with particular skill-sets
    • works by emerging playwrights and composers
    • boutique musicals
    • shows with unique aesthetics or complex technical requirements

    We also forge partnerships with emerging and established companies that are creating exciting plays and musicals but, for a variety of reasons, can’t or don’t produce and present work on their own.  

    How MAC Serves Regional Theaters

    MAC tours keep creativity sustainable. New work, new voices, ambitious projects, unique aesthetics, and digital innovations will keep theater vibrant and relevant in the 21st century.  They can also pose risks and challenges for regional theaters in terms of staff, time, and budgets. Our touring model supports creative ambitions by employing economy of scale, diminishing risk for each partner venue.

    MAC tours are full-service. MAC supports every production at every venue from load-in to load-out, and in-between. This solves a common bandwidth question theaters have with collaborations and co-productions: “If something goes wrong at my theater, who’s responsible? Who will fix this broken set, or replace that actor?” On a MAC tour, MAC fixes it.  Always.

    MAC tours promote EDI onstage. MAC seeks out adventurous projects created by women, artists of color, and artists from marginalized communities. MAC supports the important national EDI movement in nonprofit regional theaters to bring equity, diversity, and inclusion to American stages from coast to coast.

    How MAC Serves Artists and Their Work

    MAC tours enhance impact. All too often, ambitious plays and complex musicals receive just one or two productions because of the inherent challenges of remounting them. MAC tours expand the life and the reach of these productions, deepening their cultural impact.

    MAC tours increase visibility for artists and their work. MAC’s national tours will increase visibility for playwrights, directors, designers, and performers and for their creative work, through regional and national PR and marketing campaigns for MAC’s touring shows.

    MAC provides support and expertise. MAC partnerships provide invaluable support and expertise from our team of producers to emerging and established theater companies and artists who have high aspirations but limited resources and experience in producing, presenting, and touring.

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    Through our partnership with MAC, their knowledge and connections have enhanced our ability to produce excellent work and bring it to audiences around the country. MAC is essential to our ambitious growth plans. We're lucky to have found them." - Moisés Kaufman, Artistic Director of Tectonic Theater Project